Benefits for Banking & Finance

Make your financial
solutions stand out

Promote your financial services/products and engage customers through exclusive opportunities provided by our solutions. New financial offerings can be launched and tested to better understand market behavior and user dynamics.

Increase Repeat

Achieve increased customer retention with reward programs, cash-back points and localized/personalized engagement with your cardholders. Provide additional benefits to customers as they redeem points on your exclusive platform.

Build new alliances
and gain market exposure

Make inroads into different markets with start-ups and corporate partnership programs. Reward your customers (and gain a head start over your competitors) by offering exclusive/negotiated deals to your customers.

Customers with Value

Focus your marketing efforts on profiled customers thereby increasing the chance of a conversion. Understand customer purchasing habits through analysis of purchases type, purchase frequency, purchase patterns and payment stats.

engagement solution

Robust, agile and scalable platform to suit every requirement that complements your financial services and products with minimal running costs and resource allocation.

Key challenges banks need to address over the next 4 years.

Oorjit Solutions for Banking & Finance

Closed Reward Program

An intelligent ecosystem built to facilitate engagement between Bank, Customers and Merchants for their mutual benefits. The portal provides an opportunity for your bank to use offers from merchants to reward your customers and employees.

  • Increase retention by providing a platform for your customers and employees to earn and redeem points
  • Provide exclusive incentives to your Customers and Employees for their loyalty
  • Distinguished customer profiling features to provide elite benefits within the program
  • Internal Marketing avenue
  • Opportunity to invite and collaborate with Corporate Partners

Ecommerce Solutions

An advanced ecommerce platform that facilitates merchant-customer interaction. Know which customers you want to keep and grow beyond your product-based view. Evaluate customer spending patterns and segment them based on their actual value.

  • Advanced analytics to understand purchase patterns and segment consumer base
  • Recommend your products according to customer specific needs and purchase behavior
  • Empower customers by facilitating an opportunity to choose what to do with the reward points, loyalty bonuses, and gift vouchers
  • Avenue for cross-selling financial products and services along with third party merchandise
  • A launch platform to test and introduce your new service and products with minimum expenditure

Intelligent Loyalty Redemption Solution

Effortlessly supplement your intrinsic revenue by offering unique promotional vouchers to your affiliate merchants. Drive your affiliate merchants' sales, thereby increasing your 'non-interest income' earned through transactions.

  • Foster loyalty and develop new customer touch points
  • Deliver in-demand personalized deals to customers, with product specific suggestions
  • Customization aided by language, tax, currency, payment, customizable newsletters, and other measurable features
  • Collect and analyse big data for Business Analytics to understand user behaviour and improve your product lifecycle

Marketing Cloud – Publish. Engage. Analyze. Retain.

Convert your website to a marketing engine, which can help you create a 360 degree online identity for your brand. The platform can also be used to accelerate lead generation, optimize social media engagement, customer segment targeting, and manage cross-channel campaigns. Analytics deliver insights into performance, and aids in problem solving and decision making.

  • Form customer groups based on individual rating, for targeted marketing.
  • Increase online market exposure with Social Media and Search Engine Paid Campaign Management and Email Campaign tools
  • Social Media Monitoring to listen to what your target audience is saying about you as well as your competitors
  • Bring customers closer to your brand with Inbound Marketing
  • 1:1 Customer Engagement based on customer value
  • Shape marketing strategies using customer analytics

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We Can Help

Looking for customer engagement solutions for your bank? Click here to consult with our expert!

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