How to Increase the Conversion Rate of E-commerce Websites?

12/03/2019 11:25 AM

Ecommerce websites are online platforms that tremendously help business owners to sell their products online. E-commerce websites are designed and created to project the novel ideas. There is no hindrance of distance or time in Ecommerce. It is a quickly developing aspect. Oorjit is a platform with which Ecommerce websites can be built. Oorjit extends its helping hand to increase the conversion rates of the Ecommerce business. Here are some tips to increase the conversion rate of your online store.

Use Visuals

Search engines prefer websites with creative images because, images helps visitors to easily catch the product and understand the services we offer. The images that narrate the essence of a content will increase the user experience to another level. Strong content along with proper image makes a good pair.

Improve checkout process and Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment is a critical part of an ecommerce website. Poor checkout process does result in unexpected costs, website errors and bugs, price in foreign currency, the decline of payment poor website navigation, timeout etc. Oorjit provide you the best solution for fast checkout process.

Use Product Videos

Professional interactive product videos cannot be beaten by anything else in converting visitors into buyers. Videos tend to give more detail about the product or services offered. Videos are the best option to ensure customer satisfaction when they visit the web store.

Free Shipping

Free shipping will always hit many potential buyers. Even though the product cost is high, customers can have a tendency to buy the products with free shipping cost.

Display Limited Choices

If the choices offered to the visitors are reduced, there would be an increase in sales. Reducing the options in cart will force the customers to choose among the existing ones instead of falling into confusions. As part of this marketing tactic, most of the large E-commerce stores do not offer buyers multiple choices on the product pages.

Encourage buyers to leave a review

Most of the online shoppers read the product review before they make a purchase online. To increase the conversion rate, the very simple rule to follow is encourage the customers to leave a sincere review. When the conversion rate is increased, it would help to bring loyal customers.

Give coupon codes

Providing coupon codes tend the customers to visit the store again. Every shopper will always want to come up with whatever means possible to save money on the goods they purchase. To avail the exact amount in reduction, the customers could use the coupon codes created.

Adjust product prices

There is a need to pay attention to adjustment in price. When the customer shows the willingness to pay for a product, there is a need to understand that the quality of marketing and the imagery tend to influence price.

Build trust for the E-commerce website

The importance of building and maintaining the trust of the Ecommerce website has to be understood well. There should be honest efforts to enhance the trust of the Ecommerce website they use.

Provide detailed product description

A detailed description of the products should be given to the customers. It would make the customers understand the products well.