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Transitioning to an online store or setting up a new online pharma/ medical store is not as simple as setting up a normal ecommerce store. Let our experts guide you in setting uup your online medical store.

Medical ecommerce presents a huge opportunity for existing as well as new entrants to explore and reap rich dividends. Applying the best principles of Ecommerce and technology we have developed the perfect platform to move your assets into the Digital world.

How do we stand out?Here’s some features that will help you transition to a Digital Store.

Oorjit’s smart & user friendly tools help you set up an Online Medical Store that incorporates all aspects of Healthcare Ecommerce for your business.

User Friendly, Efficient Design
  1. Mobile Responsive
  2. Easy navigation
  3. Personalised UI for Customers
Better Product Exposure Tools
  1. Unique Product Presentation
  2. Growth Hacking Tools For Marketing
  3. SEO optimized Ecommerce
Secure Order Processing Features
  1. Chat and Social features for Instant Authorisation/ Verification
  2. Ask an Expert for Consultation
  3. Verify Data Elements ( Doctor, hospital, medicine etc)
Sale Augmentation Modules
  1. Easy Re-order Processing
  2. Notify Upon Availability
  3. Integrations & 3rd party API Support

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