The Forecast Analysis of B2B2C E-commerce Platform Industry in 2020

07/31/2020 10:45 AM

It is interesting to note how the e-commerce industry is in a state of constant change and growth, which essentially means there are newer aspects and components in the industry which require our attention and understanding. In this sense, we are obliged to study and analyse the recent developments in the B2B2C e-commerce platform industry. Assuming that we are all familiar with B2B e-commerce as well as B2C e-commerce models, what exactly is B2B2C e-commerce? The answer to this lies in the word itself. B2B2C (Business to Business to Consumer) e-commerce platforms are emerging e-commerce models which combine B2B e-commerce platforms and B2C e-commerce platforms for products and services. As a leading B2B enterprise platform as well as a platform to build B2C e-commerce websites, oOrjit believes in keeping itself updated with the latest trends such as the B2B2C e-commerce platform industry and its forecasted performance for 2020.

Reports from across the globe states that the global B2B2C e-commerce platform market is expected to expand significantly in 2020. They also talk about distinct industrial components such as revenues, new agreements, anticipated interest rates, B2B2C e-commerce platform product distributors, and major companies of the industry. An evaluation of the worldwide B2B2C e-commerce platform market presents a clear picture of the current and predicted B2B2C e-commerce platform growth factors and the challenges that lay ahead. Global reports shed light on the present B2B2C e-commerce platform industry and its various aspects. The top current global players in the industry include manufacturers like SAP Hybris, IBM, CloudCraze, Oro, Intershop, Digital River, Apttus, and Insite Software. Also, the B2B2C e-commerce platform market has been segmented into On-Premise and Cloud types. Based on application types, the B2B2C e-commerce platform market is further segmented into SMEs and Large Enterprises.

It is essential to observe how the B2B2C e-commerce platform industry will work effectively in its collaboration of the B2B e-commerce platform and B2C e-commerce platform respectively. In the B2B2C model, the two businesses involved are in a mutually beneficial relationship since there are various benefits for both such as introduction and expansion of products and services to a whole new section of potential customers, generation of newer revenue sources, and an augmented consumer customer base. Their customer base also gains through this expanded product or service diversification.

It is believed that the B2B2C e-commerce model is ideal for emerging businesses as it is cost effective and there is also the benefit of rapid digital expansion of products or services to other marketplaces. Adoption of the B2B2C e-commerce model by a B2B enterprise platform will pave the way for two businesses to benefit and provide a chance for them to work together by utilizing the resources on both sides in order to produce benefits or profits that are mutual. It is a collaboration that allows increased customer acquisition while reducing the operational cost of doing the same.

As attractive as it may sound, the B2B2C e-commerce platform industry is not an easy space and it requires great efforts to overcome its own set of challenges. One has to keep in mind that large customer acquisition is not the ultimate aim of B2B2C; instead it focuses on an effective collaboration. As a trusted platform to build B2C ecommerce websites, oOrjit recommends that those businesses interested in adopting the B2B2C model should undertake a detailed analysis of the risks and benefits of the same before doing so. 

If you are determined to adopting the new business model, don’t fool yourself into thinking that this approach does not require a big amount of effort to be put into customer acquisition. It is wrong to think that you will get a bulk load of clients with the B2B2C model. If the only motivation you have is to avoid effort, then your business will not enjoy this e-commerce format and generate profit out of it.