What are the Benefits of SaaS Multi-Tenant Architecture for Online Businesses?

03/03/2020 3:38 PM

For an e-commerce business to be successful and sustainable, it must have a proper structure and order of working, much like a carefully ordered ant hill with its intricate and highly efficient hierarchy. An important facet of this system for online businesses brought about by the rapidly evolving technological advancements of today is the provision of multi-tenant architecture. In essence, multi-tenant architecture enables an e-commerce business to serve multiple customers with one step. Elucidated are the main of many benefits online retailers receive from using multi-tenant SaaS architecture .

Improved Return on Investments:

In a single-tenant SaaS solution, each tenant has a higher cost per head, whereas in a multi-tenant SaaS architecture , the initial investment per head much less as it is divided among multiple customers. This will include costs of resources, databases, and essentially any service that customers require from an e-commerce business. Another perk is that as the retailer has to invest less in the basic resources, he can dedicate more of his allotted finances to improving the basic services he provides as well as offer advanced services.

Enhanced Performance and accountability:

As there are less points of contacts since the services are shared among the tenants, it becomes easier to analyse and improve response times as well as optimize and upgrade the technology over time. Multi-tenant SaaS architecture is designed to provide optimal speeds and is more reliable as the accountability is to multiple customers as opposed to individual customers.

Easier Scalability:

There is always room for improvement in every aspect of technology, which is why you must always plan ahead and leave room for newer innovations. As the tenants are all connected in an online business that provides multi-tenant SaaS solutions, scalability is easier and accessible by all at one go. Technology upgrades are also equally accessible by all, instead of just the newly onboarded tenants. This is a good way of ensuring customer loyalty as well as improving referral, as older customers also feel like they benefit continuously.

Lower Maintenance Costs:

In addition to initial costs of upgrades, the maintenance costs are also unarguably lower if you decide to go with multi-tenant SaaS architecture , so the upkeep fees will be lower, making everyone involved happy. Maintenance and associated changes need to be made only in one centralized point, which also saves copious amounts of time and effort.

Tenant On-boarding is Simpler:

The sign-up page is where you hook customers who are already ready to trust you with their custom. A complicated registration process may serve as a deterrent for some end users, whereas an efficient one with faster response times will increase customer satisfaction. Multi-tenant architecture is designed in such a way that on-boarding is an automated process that is uniformly efficient for all new tenants

In conclusion, Multi-tenant SaaS architecture is the only feasible solution in a world that is moving forward in leaps and bounds in terms of technology to ensure you retain your customers and keep on-boarding new ones.