Ultimate Ecommerce Website Builder for Online Business!

02/04/2020 3:20 PM

Are you a small business owner who wants to build an eCommerce website? Incorporating the right features into your eCommerce website to make it user-friendly and search engine responsive might look a bit overwhelming especially if you are totally new to eCommerce. Along with this the heavy budget involved in developing eCommerce websites from scratch might be a big deterrent for small businesses. Does your monthly budget support the huge expenses in developing an eCommerce website?

he good news is that building an eCommerce website. need not be expensive any longer. The numerous eCommerce website builders available in the market simplifies the process for you.

What does a top eCommerce website builder offer?

Now, building an eCommerce website is fast and simple with just a few clicks. Here are the features that the best eCommerce website builder should offer to launch the perfect eCommerce store. These powerful features allow you to jump into the eCommerce bandwagon without requiring any coding knowledge or a big budget.

  • Easy to use- A good eCommerce website builder should be easy to use even for a non-techie. It should be user-friendly with intuitive navigation and customization options.
  • Themes and designs -You need a variety of themes and designs to build a store of your choice. The web site builder you choose should allow you to experiment with a multitude of designs and find the layout you have in mind.
  • Themes and designs - You need a variety of themes and designs to build a store of your choice. The web site builder you choose should allow you to experiment with a multitude of designs and find the layout you have in mind.
  • Omnichannel friendly - Today the online crowd is dispersed across a variety of platforms and a good eCommerce store has to be responsive to provide a seamless customer experience across these platforms. A good eCommerce website builder like Oorjit offers functionalities to build an omnichannel store fast and effectively.
  • Digital coupons - The new rage in online selling is digital coupons. This useful tool has been proven to drive traffic, attract customers, and influence purchase decisions. Your social media marketing can also leverage the power of digital coupons to increase user engagement. It also finds use in beacon technology and gamification. A good website builder, like Oorjit can integrate the power of digital coupons in your eCommerce store.
  • Content management system - The importance of content cannot be stressed enough. With powerful functionalities, good website builders provide you the ability to create and control the content of your website. You can introduce multilingual support on your site, create banner ads for running on Facebook and Google Ad words campaign. Oorjit allows you to enjoy all this and more. It provides you an effective landing page creator tool for designing an optimized landing page which is vital for successful online campaigns. Now you can launch your new campaigns and track its lead generation and conversions.
  • Multi-tenant feature - As your business expands scalability becomes the priority. You might want to manage multiple sites and brands for a specific audience. This requires a robust single administration panel deploying a single database to manage multiple stores, sites, and brands. Oorjit allows you to leverage multi-store feature and minimizes the errors in the process.
  • Cloud commerce - With Oorjit you can build your eCommerce store effortlessly on the Cloud. We take care of the complete tech support to provide you with a seamless SaaS platform. Scalability and upgradations become easy with Oorjits cloud feature. Focus on your core business and leave the technology to us.

Whether it is a B2B eCommerce store or a B2C eCommerce store, an eCommerce website builder should offer you all the features to launch a successful store. For B2B store workflows such as supplier order management, bill of quantities, invoices, and procurement request forms needs to effectively built-in. For a B2C store should come with features for managing orders and deliveries, marketing the products, and localizing for currency and language. A great option for building an eCommerce website is Oorjit, the leading eCommerce website builder that incorporates success into eCommerce stores.