Importance of Mobile Commerce in E-commerce Growth

09/30/2020 6:48 PM

There is no denying the fact that e-commerce is the future of commerce.

Statistics show that the concept of social distancing that came about as a direct result of the Covid-19 has given a major boost to the steady rise in digitization of commerce. Current trends show that consumers are gravitating more and more towards online stores because of the restrictions brought about by the globe pandemic and even those that were forced to do so under restricting circumstances will continue to indulge in online shopping even after the Covid-19 crisis is averted. So, for any business looking to stay relevant, an e-commerce platform is now a prerequisite.

But simply having an e-commerce platform is not enough to ensure a thriving and sustainable business in the coming years. You need to make your mobile commerce game strong too. So what is the need for a mobile commerce platform?

Mobile commerce or m-commerce refers to the usage of wireless gadgets such as cellphones and tablets to conduct online transactions involving goods and services. This industry is reliant on m-commerce platforms that offer sophisticated tools and features to enable hassle-free and smooth wireless transactions.

Let us take a look at the importance of mobile commerce in e-commerce growth and why there is a rising demand for mobile commerce software. Listed below are some of the numerous advantages they bring to the e-commerce table

  • Shopping is Now Just a Click Away:

    With m-commerce, you can shop from the safety and comfort of your homes. Every product and service available on the market is ready to be purchased at your fingertips, just a click away from being delivered directly to your doorstep. Convenience plays a big role in consumer trends. Customers are more likely to engage in spending if the user experience makes them happy.

  • Commerce on the Go!

    Gone are the days of long drives to supermarkets and longer queues at the checkout counters. Mobile commerce lets you shop anywhere, anytime. The very notion of being able to shop whether you are at home enjoying a quiet Sunday, or in the middle of a vacation trek is quite empowering to consumers.

  • Enhanced Shopping Experience:

    The consumer experience is what determines the conversion and retention rates for any business. Consumers are more likely to return to businesses with their custom if they enjoy a pleasing shopping experience and tend to look for better options if they are displeased or dissatisfied with the user experience you can deliver.

  • 24*7 Customer Service:

    Good quality customer service plays an important role in building and fostering good customer-client relations. This can, however, become very difficult if you are dealing with hundreds or thousands of customers every single day, and investing more resources into customer care might not turn out feasible. With m-commerce, you can use the assistance of chatbots and Artificial Intelligence to help customers have the best shopping experience and also determine consumer trends to keep up with new demands.

  • Better Brand Reach:

    Social media is now a widely used tool for marketing and increasing brand awareness. And, of course, people use social media more on their mobile devices. So m-commerce increases your brand reach while also helping you sell products like hot cakes. Good mobile commerce solutions providers like oOrjit helps you maintain an unfair advantage when it comes to competition.