How to Create a Great Customer Experience for eCommerce in 2020?

01/27/2020 3:23 PM

Customer experience management is essentially crafting customer interactions to garner greater customer satisfaction and to increase the customer loyalty. The process of improving the eCommerce customer experience is not a onetime exercise. It starts right from the email interaction with the customer, to engaging on the social media, and providing an online store experience.Customer experience has been proven to have a big say on the growth of the business. It can improve the customer loyalty and lead to better customer retention. Loyal customers have been shown to spend 67 % more than the new customers. So, how to improve the customer experience in your eCommerce website?

Providing great customer experience on eCommerce is not tough, provided you focus on the basics of your customers needs. Let's see how you can design your business strategy to create a great digital eCommerce experience to the customers.

A great customer experience is easy to create - follow these simple tips

These tips are certain to increase the customer experience in your eCommerce website.

  • Be updated on your customer needs - You should keep yourself constantly aware of your customers needs. Customer understanding shouldn’t be limited to the starting stages of the business. Customer needs are ever evolving and you need to be updated on the changing business trends. Use feedback surveys to gain a better understanding of your customers changing tastes and provide better digital eCommerce experience to the customers.
  • Provide better navigation - The eCommerce website should be intuitive and easy to navigate. Products categorization and product filtering should be done in a manner that the customer can easily locate the product. Categorize the products keeping the audience psychology in mind. Understand the structure and pattern they might follow to find a product. Provide appropriate filters to help your audience narrow down the search with attributes like price, brand, or color.
  • Compelling and attractive product pages - When you describe the products, make your descriptions informative and attractive. Provide all the details of the product so that your customers are well-informed of the benefits of the product.
  • Collect customer feedback and display customer review on the site - Most online shoppers welcome customer reviews as a trust worthy option to understand the genuineness and utility of the product. Highlighting the customer reviews in your website can give the customers a great shopping experience from the satisfaction of having made an informed choice. This can improve the eCommerce customer experience in your website.
  • Mobile optimization - Since many online shoppers use mobile devices for shopping a good eCommerce site should be optimized for mobile. A responsive website design can improve the mobile user experience and thereby lead to conversions.
  • Easy checkout - Many customers abandon the shopping cart if the checkout options are complicated. Streamline and simplify the checkout options in your eCommerce website. Limit the checkout process to a single page. Avoid asking them for the same information multiple times, like shipping and billing address.
  • Customer support - After sales customer support is important to address any issues that the customer might be facing with the product and to retain the good will of the customer.

These are simple yet effective tactics that can help to improve the customer experience in your eCommerce website. Implement these and watch the customer repeated customer visits and sure shot conversions that these strategies can bring to your eCommerce business