How Auto Motive Dealerships Make Use of eCommerce to Gain Digital Customers?

01/17/2020 11:01 AM

Let’s begin with consumer psychology. People no longer insist on physical verification of vehicles to make a purchase. Online reviews, recommendations, and research are establishing as the influencing factors in purchase decisions and data shows that out of new car buyers, 80 % turn to online sources to decide on their purchase. This figure increases to 100 % when you consider used car buyers. Automotive customers have been found to spend 10 hours online to browse and choose their vehicles. 50 % of customers begin their purchase journey by considering 3 or 4 brands initially. This narrows down to 1 or 2 cars following their online research. It’s only after this basic understanding and decision that they visit a dealer for a test drive or purchase.

There has been a prolific increase in digital car showroom platforms in recent times and along with this also aggressive tactics to gain more customers from the online segment.

This growing trend of digitalization and its grip on the consumer mindset is attracting more automotive dealers to create digital car showrooms. There has been a prolific increase in digital car showroom platforms in recent times and along with this also aggressive tactics to gain more customers from the online segment.

Gain digital customers by exploiting eCommerce to the fullest

Here are a few methods an automotive dealership can implement to increase the online customers.

  • Social media and SEO - These are two ways to get your online automotive showroom in front of the right customers. People are spending a significant amount of time browsing the internet and even more on social media. An online automotive showroom should pay serious attention to social media marketing and search engine optimization. Social media marketing revolves around creating user engagement, generating interest and driving them to your website for purchase. SEO efforts are channelized to provide informative content to the customers that eventually ranks and drives traffic to the digital car showroom platform.
  • Attractive website and homepage - Your website is the store’s online face. Create an attractive website and most importantly, make the home page compelling. Enticing designs will reduce the number of abandoned customers and make the customers spend more time on your store which could eventually lead to a sale. Try to retain the branding followed for your physical store in your online store also. Including high-quality and attractive images can also boost your store's image and make the products look impressive. Ensure that you have compelling product descriptions that also provide accurate information about the vehicles.Develop digital car showroom with a professional and attractive look and feel.
  • Intuitive navigation and search - The navigation should be simple and easy for the customer to follow. Arrange the products and categories in a way that is easy to navigate and find. The search functionality should be powerful providing the customers with accurate and relevant search results. When you develop the digital car showroom ensure that the search feature also shows the related products to the customers to increase the conversions.
  • Marketing content and promotions - Content is becoming a leading channel to attract customers. A good online car showroom should have an effective content strategy that encompasses informative and educative content, tutorials, and videos to capture online customers. Content should be developed to pull in customers in all stages of the marketing funnel.

Videos are gaining traction over written content especially when it comes to vehicles. Rather than reading a description or judging a vehicle from an image the customers might be more convinced if they watch a video of a test drive or a walkthrough. Include more videos in your website and marketing efforts as this can gain you more converting customers.

Use promotions in your digital car showroom as customers are more likely to take a favorable decision when they see attractive promotions and discounts.

You can incorporate these suggestions into your digital car showroom to gain customers and drive conversions.