Grocery Delivery Software Service to See Booming Growth with Oorjit Ecommerce Platform

07/31/2020 10:44 AM

The automation of grocery shopping is one of the most recent trends in ecommerce. Online shopping and delivery of groceries is not exactly something new and there already exists a few prominent players in this field currently. Yet it is only during the past few months, as the global economy is undergoing crucial change with respect to the corona virus pandemic, that online grocery delivery has acquired importance as a profitable ecommerce venture. In the same vein, it is worthwhile to note the ever growing customer base consisting of online and mobile platform users. Therefore grocery stores have felt the need to build online grocery shop in order to have their presence felt in the digital space. And thus have they realized the huge potential in investing in grocery delivery software for themselves instead of losing out on that part of the sales to other sources.

A lot of recent studies and ongoing research on the grocery delivery software market offers valuable insights on the factors influencing the business scope, analysis of the current situation alongwith upcoming trends and breakdown of the products and services. It is important to keep track of the key statistics on the market status, size, share, growth factors if enterprises are keen on getting themselves involved with the grocery delivery software. As an ecommerce platform, Oorjit keeps itself updated with the current trends and statistics to provide quality assistance and service for those who are looking forward to build online grocery shop. In this regard, here are a few insights into the current grocery delivery software services market:

  • The key driving factors of the market consists of the growing demand for automation in grocery shopping as well as demand for quick and timely home delivery services.

  • The latest market trends in the grocery delivery software market are the introduction of analytics and scheduled delivery options.

  • The scope and demand for the grocery delivery software are higher in the regions affected by the pandemic

  • Just like any other fields, there are certain challenges and areas of concern when it comes to grocery delivery software. There is always the risk of cyber security and the related payment platforms must be strong enough to withstand any sort of threat to customer transaction data including bank details. Also most customers are wary of receiving sub-standard quality grocery items.

  • The global grocery delivery software market has also been segmented on the basis of certain criteria such as : based on Application (household, restaurants, others); based on Payment Option (COD, online card payments, mobile wallet, others); based on the Platform (mobile, laptop, others) ; with regard to Deployment (cloud based, web based).

As the global pandemic continues to rage on, social distancing and reduced physical human interactions seems inevitable. Therefore the horizons appear bright and clear for the growth of online grocery shopping and delivery. Ecommerce platforms paving way for grocery delivery software service must focus their energy and attention on the challenges mentioned. Oorjit understands that mere automation is not the only criteria when it comes to grocery delivery software and that there are technical requirements from both the customer and business ends. There is also the challenge of creating software that is attractive and accessible to customer categories who still remain doubtful such as the elderly population. Apart from these, there are also newer demands such as contact-less doorstep delivery pertaining to the current Covid restrictions. As an ecommerce platform unafraid of taking up challenges, Oorjit looks forward to provide excellent solutions and revolutionizing the very face of grocery delivery software services.