E-Commerce Business Trends during the Covid-19 Outbreak!

06/17/2020 8:04 PM

So the year 2020 has been bad enough what with the Covid-19 outbreak and the resulting lockdown restrictions, but does that mean its doomsday for businesses and other commercial establishments across the globe? Well surprisingly the answer is a big No! On the contrary, the Covid-19 situation has managed to do something quite unexpected- it has opened up a whole new future of ecommerce business . At a time when social distancing is considered as the need of the hour, the lack of physical human interaction has been replaced by virtual human interaction, thanks to the internet. As people are getting more and more comfortable with their access to the online and virtual world, a significant spike can be observed in the ecommerce business trends which absolutely mean it is time for companies to take their business to the next level of competition. The following are some of the latest trends in ecommerce perpetuated by the present Covid-19 situation:

Growing influence of social networking sites in Ecommerce:

Social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on are some of the popular online spaces that have gained greater momentum during the testing times of the Covid pandemic. They are not just limited to keeping people connected but are also sources of entertainment, information and nowadays, online shopping as well, since many brands have developed options of direct purchase within these platforms. This is an opportunity that all emerging businesses have to cash in on as surveys reveal that people spent most of their time online in using their social media accounts. In fact, these networking sites have further boosted ecommerce businesses through their extensive brand promotions and advertisements by bringing on board some of the popular social media influencers.

The Age of AR (Augmented Reality) and AI (Artificial Intelligence):

Customer demands are one of the driving forces of any industry or business enterprises and if there is one way to meet the rising and challenging customer demands of the Covid period, it is through the use of technology. As people are immersing themselves into more and more online shopping, businesses need to keep up with the changing attitudes and patterns of customer shopping experiences and it is exactly here that technologies such as Augmented Reality technology and Artificial Intelligence are going to play a major role in the form of ecommerce marketplace software. AR aims at providing a wholesome experience of shopping to customers who have already been deprived of this joy due to the restrictions of the Covid scenario. AI technology can be described almost as a virtual assistant to the customer, who provides them with a personalised shopping experience. Therefore now is the right time for ecommerce platforms to adapt, equip and advance themselves with sound technological innovations.

Time to think Green:

Recent ecommerce business analysis have reported quite an interesting trend when it comes to consumer buying habits these days as it is seen that there is a demand for products and services that are eco-friendly and sustainable. Buyers are seen to be making conscious efforts and greener choices and therefore it is now up to the sellers to keep up with same. The emergence of designer cloth face masks that are washable and reusable is just one example of the kind of green consumerism that is on the rise and continues to do so during the Covid times as well.

Mobiles devices and voice inputs take a lead:

Statistics reveal that the Covid-19 outbreak has only managed to bring people closer to their mobiles phones than ever before and people are getting comfortable shopping online using their phones. Adding to this, it is interesting to see how consumers have developed an attachment of using voice commands to dictate these devices. Thus it appears that mobile phones, further enhanced with voice recognition technology, seems to have taken the lead across ecommerce platforms today.

Apparently the future of ecommerce seems brighter than ever today as a result of the overall lifestyle changes brought about by the Covid-19 situation. Therefore it only seems relevant that businesses stay updated with these trends to gain from it.