Best Practices to Increase the Productivity and Functionality of Your eCommerce Business

02/13/2020 7:23 PM

E-Commerce is a big part of businesses these days, with a majority of businesses realizing the undeniable advantages of online commerce platforms and smartly opting to expand to online stores. And as more and more businesses take their stores online, the competition also becomes fierce. It is important to keep yourself apprised of the developing trends so that your business can stay ahead of the game and thrive as envisioned in marketplace that is quickly becoming saturated. Here are some of the e-commerce best practices and e-commerce business ideas, complied by the leading e-commerce platform oOrjit, that you can adopt to increase the productivity and functionality of your ecommerce business.

Customer is key.

Are you having trouble with client acquisition? Or do you have a loyal customer base?

Customer service, as in any other business, plays a key role in building and expanding an e-commerce business. Merely gaining a large number of customers is not enough to keep the business running long term. You need to employ the necessary tactics to ensure customer retention for uninterrupted progress. Initiating loyalty programs, cashback promotions, and referral programs are some of the ways you can keep your loyal customer base coming back for more.

Emails first, the rest follow.

While augmenting your customer information database for promotional campaigns through sign-up sheets, always remember to keep it simple. This is because customers become disinterested when they see too many blanks to fill in and move on to the next page. Keeping it minimal has been proven to increase customer interaction by a considerable amount, so delete all unnecessary fields. You can always get additional information if you have the email address, so focus on email collection first. Customer engagement rates are also higher while using technology such as chat bots to reduce wait times.

Multi-channel strategies are the way to go.

In the fast-paced world of business, it is essential to utilize each and every means available at your disposal to gain an edge over your competitors. With easy access to applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and such, dedicate time to reach a wider audience through multiple channels. This is particularly effective since some audiences might be available only on selective channels and developing an effective multi-channel strategy to promote your business through personalized campaigns ensures that you reach them all.

Spin a pretty yarn.

Content is undoubtedly queen in an era where it is devoured by consumers in all forms. Modern day consumers relish information and love getting up to date on all things new and innovative. Blogs and personalized campaigns addressing specific topics related to your business is a sure shot way of building a solid customer base and keeping them interested in your brand. Putting across content regularly keeps your brand name and products fresh in the customer’s mind even if they are not looking to make a purchase immediately. Another aspect of branding is the ability to sell your brand through stories that are relatable. It is crucial to focus on the customer requirement while pitching a product.

Engage your audience.

Customers like getting appreciated for their custom. Thank-you cards, customer loyalty points that are redeemable, etc. are small ways of letting customers know you are appreciative of their business and this goes a long way in ensuring that they keep bringing their custom to you. Personalizing your appreciation is even better, so the next time your reach out to a customer, be sure to address them by name. Customers also enjoy opportunities to relay their notes on the different products they purchase or the services they avail. Give them an opportunity to give feedback through surveys and polls and appreciate the same.