How to Develop Appealing Deals & Coupons Websites with oOrjit?

03/31/2020 8:41 PM

Most internet shoppers are attracted to websites with exciting deals and coupons. Introduce a deals and coupons website to attract customers, delight them, and retain them.

Why should you use a deals and coupons website?

  • Deals and coupons are one of the best marketing tools a business can use to drive sales.
  • It is a great strategy to build brand awareness, collect a customer database, and acquire new customers.
  • The deals and coupons with the various discounts also results in increased customer loyalty.
  • Apart from this, it is a minimum cost advertising channel for the business.

Does it sound interesting? Go ahead and start on a deals and coupons website. A good vendor like oOrjit can help you to simplify the overwhelming task of building a successful deals and coupons website.

How to create a deals and coupons website with oOrjit?

oOrjit has gained a strong reputation as a professional deals and coupons website builder . We bring the latest functionalities and powerful features to your website. .

Here are the powerful features of oOrjit that helps you to build a profitable deals and coupons website.

  • Gamification book -

    Be creative and offer a fun experience to your customers by integrating gaming features in your deal and coupons website. This can keep the customers engaged for a longer duration

  • Localize the deals -

    You can localize the deals to specific customers. The deals will be shown to each user depending on their location. This feature can improve the customer experience form your deals and coupons

  • Customized industry-specific features-

    Each industry requires a different functionality for its business needs. oOrjit has something for each business vertical. We have a customized module for the travel industry to manage the travel deals and for the restaurant industry to manage the restaurant menu deals. Retail and FMCG can create product deals for their business. The banking industry can retain its customers by allowing redemption of accumulated points.

  • Sales management -

    You can manage the sales rep and their commissions. The sales rep can on-board the deals they have acquired and a clear insight into the commissions gained.

  • Content management -

    You can manage the content to provide regular information to the customers about your products and services and to also the ongoing deals. The content management module is customizable to the industry vertical.

  • Campaign management -

    Another powerful feature that allows you to manage the various deals and coupons campaign you are running. You can access all campaigns from a single interface and have real-time visibility to its status.

  • Refunds and cancellation -

    Refunds and cancellations must be dealt with promptly. This feature helps to simplify the hassles associated with the customer refunds and cancellation of deals and coupons.

  • Personalization and analytics -

    Using this feature you can get an understanding of the customer based on their geographic location. You can leverage this information to upsell or cross-sell the deals.

  • Scalability-

    The deal industry is constantly evolving and your platform has to be adaptable. We provide you a robust and scalable solution that helps you to adapt fast to any changes in the industry vertical..

  • Ecommerce adaptability -

    Our deals and coupons website is an eCommerce ready platform. You can add product deals with a variety of configurations and successfully integrate them with your eCommerce.

Oorjit offers a feature-rich deal and coupons website. We have designed our platform keeping the emerging trends in digital marketing in mind. Our product is social media ready and you can use it in a variety of social media channels to build brand familiarity. With our innovative product, you can boost your skyrocket your sales and build a loyal customer base effortlessly