• Digital Coupons Digital Coupons

    Digital Coupons

    An Awesome Investment Opportunity in the Coupon Industry

    • Out of 2.9 billion coupons redeemed last year, 66 million were digital coupons; an amazing 141% more than the previous year
    • 3 out of every 4 people have used coupon previously
    • Digital coupons have least maintenance cost and break-even time
  • Attract Retailers Attract Retailers Attract Retailers

    Attract Retailers

    through Digital Coupons

    • Omni-channel presence
    • Improved customer retention
    • More targeted promotions and personalized offers
    • Reduced coupon management overheads
  • Through mobile

    Grow Big. Grow Fast.

    through mobile

    • 34% of mCommerce customers use their devices for mobile coupons
    • Redemption through mobile coupons are 10 times higher
    • Every 1 in 5 consumers respond to offers from the nearby stores received via push notifications

Coupon Platform Website Ecosystem

  • Standard Ecosystem

    Initial stages of business you will have to depend on an affiliate for coupons from manufacturers or retailers

    Enterprise Ecosystem

    Oorjit affiliate module enables you to collect coupons directly from retailers & manufacturers and eliminates affiliates ( like CJ and LinkShare) from sharing your commission


Invest in Digital Coupon Software?

Digital Coupons: Best Vehicle for Delivering Coupon Benefits
  • 61%
    Improves speed of
  • 78%
    Increases basket size
  • 61%
    Diminishes potential for
    customer or employee
  • 90%
    Improves ability to deliver
    personalized offers
  • 81%
    Decreases handling/
    clearing costs.
  • 84%
    Improves ability to collect and analyze
    customer data
  • 61%
    Makes it easier to resolve potential disputes with
    manufacturers and/or clearing houses
  • 74%
    Growth for Digital Coupon industry
    by 2018
  • Digital
  • Paper
  • Neither
  • Courtesy: Survey by Google

How to make money

Selling Digital Coupons?

Affiliate Programs

Affiliates & Coupon aggregators are integral for a coupon platforms to succeed. In an affiliate relationship, a large online retailer or popular affiliate networks like CJ.com will help you earn predefined commission for the traffic and sales generated for them by your discount coupon platform. Since these affiliates have thousands of business networks linked to it they can help you list the coupons and start earning revenue from the very first day.

Feature Listing

You may display certain coupons as “featured�? on your discount coupon platform and charge additional for their higher visibility, since it increases the chances of users availing such coupons. This can be done by displaying those coupons as featured in the home page, Category listing pages or on the main or min banners in the site.

Program Fees

Once you become an established player you may charge fee for selling coupons through your coupon platform since your site is capable of generating more sales, especially if the product/coupon is new or of less demand.

Online Advertising

Sell space in your coupon website for online advertising. Use differential pricing strategy by charging differently for ads in home and inner pages and charge based on clicks (PPC)

Push Notifications & Text messages

You may charge business for the push notifications and text messages you send for promoting their coupons. The coupon software can be used send location based push notifications and these can be charged more due to their higher conversion nature.

Product Recommendation

Once your coupon platform has enough traffic and trust, you can have a section for recommending products in your digital coupon platform and charge companies to recommend them to your user base.

Who can Benefit from a Coupon Store?

  • News & Media
  • Banking & Finance
  • Brands with
    loyalty programs
  • Online
    booking sites
  • Online
  • Telecommunication
  • Start Ups
  • Any business
    with a steady traffic
  • Any business with a
    consumer base

Success stories of

Industry Leaders


RetailMeNot was an Australian start up by two young entrepreneurs Guy King and Bevan Clark in 2006 and was later acquired by a US multinational for USD 90 million. The company now listed in NASDAQ and operates the world's largest marketplace for digital offers.

  • Net revenues were $61.3 million, an increase of 51% compared to $40.6 million
  • Its mobile apps have been downloaded over 16 million times and Mobile net revenues totalled $9.3 million, up 127% compared to $4.1 million and represented 15% of total net revenues
  • In 2013, RetailMeNot, Inc. experienced more than 560 million visits to its websites and estimates that $3.5 billion in paid retailer sales were attributable to consumer traffic from digital offers in its marketplace


Coupons.com, a leading player in the industry, has handled more than 2000 brands on its catalogue, with over 17 million unique visitors monthly in 2013. Compared to their first quarter revenue of 2013 which was $36.5 million, they have registered a 41% increase, $51.5 million in the first quarter of 2014.

  • The company distributed 315 billion coupons in 2013
  • Coupons.com's revenue was $167.9 million in 2013, up 50% from the previous year’s $112.1 million.


Vouchercodes is one of the UK’s leading coupon websites. It works with over 2,500 retailers and receives more than 60 million annual visits

  • Mobile traffic to Vouchercodes.co.uk increased by 174% YOY
  • Vouchercodes.co.uk saw almost two million more visitors to the site than in Q3 2011
  • The site currently has over 7.7 million subscribers

More than Just a Coupon Website.

Get Your Platform for Growth.


  • Strategic Guidance from Oorjit
    Solution Experts
  • 24 * 7 * 365 Technical Support
  • Scalable framework
  • SEO friendly
  • Secure architecture
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Integrated with CJ and Linkshare APIs


  • Merchant app with coupon redemption
  • Dedicated dashboard for businesses
  • Promotion modules
  • Analytics and Reports to analyze coupon
  • Coupon videos


  • Mobile app with push notification and
    QR code redemption
  • Mobile app to locate a redemption location
    using map or get direction facility
  • “Add to Passbook" feature in iOS
  • Coupon wallet
  • Group the coupons based on the
    shopping malls and Super markets
  • Add to favorite
  • Stores, Coupon, Location & Category
    based search
  • Facility to search for nearby coupons
  • Share to Social Media
  • Printable Coupons
  • Online Coupon codes
  • Browse by store


  • Affiliate modules and API
  • Location based coupons
  • Online and Offline coupons
  • Personalization tools
  • Customizable online coupon codes
  • User management modules
  • Newsletter management module
  • Advanced Analytics and reports
  • Localization tools
  • Coupon management modules
  • Online and In Store coupons
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