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Your website and online presence need to be of 3600 solutions to deliver your business' end to end requirements. That is what Oorjit offers. Oorjit is a powerful CMS which gives your business complete control to manage your website content and link structuring. The main advantages of Oorjit CMS are the capability to engage your targeted users, do online promotions, manage leads and analyze your results.


Why Oorjit Content Management System?

  • Powerful Content Management System

    Oorjit content management system comes with all the necessary functionalities that your business needs in a CMS such as the powerful CK Editor which enables creation and editing of pages, multilingual support, menu management, template management, site management, Role based Content Management etc.

  • Remarketing Ad Banners

    Oorjit offers you Banner Ad creation module. This module helps the admin to create Ad Banners by choosing the templates available in the system or by creating a new design instantly. Ad Creator module is highly interactive and helps you to create flash banners and publish it to your Google Adwords and Facebook Campaigns. Ad Banners run as a remarketing campaign to influence your customer's buying decision and also help you reach back to potential customers every day.

  • Landing Page Creation with Dynamic Forms

    Landing page is one of the main elements in Online Marketing. This is where you bring your online campaign traffic to. Oorjit landing page creator helps you create a landing page quickly with A/B testing option. This enhances your capabilities to launch a new campaign faster and track its effectiveness in terms of conversion and quality of leads. Landing page creation module gives you the ability to create 'call to action buttons' with desired text and format. While creating landing pages, you can set different goals for different elements on the page.

  • Version Control Feature

    Oorjit CMS platform provides version control feature for the contents published in the website. This feature enables you to make edits to already published contents. This is done by making the edits in a separate copy of the content stored as draft, without affecting the published content. The edits will be displayed on the front end only after approval from the admin having the publishing rights. You get access to all the versions of the content on the admin content details page.

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  • Our team at want to really say THANK YOU!! For all your hard work and being able to work with us on this project!! TODAY I also did a referral for Oorjit. I told him how great the team is and the work is excellent!!

  • ISPG have been superb. Their client service is great. The team there responds very quickly and come a step ahead in understanding client requirement. Adds value to the business.

  • Over the last 2 years, MyNetworkOne has worked with ISPG on a host of programming projects from "Daily Deal" platforms to proprietary development tools customized to our needs. The experience has been nothing short of amazing, with all team members great to work with and bringing in NEW ideas to make our original concept, more interactive for our users. The opportunity to work with developers that listen and take a special interest in helping us reach our goals is priceless! We have developed a close bond with most of the programmers and team leads, so much that they now feel like part of the MNO family!

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