Challenges of Organizing Mass Vaccination Drives

04/23/2021 10:28 PM
The world is gearing up for golden days once more. 

Millions of people all over the world are waiting to get vaccinated against Covid-19 so that they can step outside the comfort of their homes and take long walks in the parks that have been neglected in favour of the relative safety offered by closed doors. But while governments and organizations across the globe are actively involved in launching mass vaccination drives, making sure that everyone is vaccinated within the time constraints comes with its own share of challenges.

The first major challenge that is faced is a lack of awareness among the population about the importance of getting vaccinated. There are still many who are not convinced that getting a vaccination is not only safe, but also imperative for the continued safety of themselves and their loved ones. The unverified and often unnecessarily alarming information propagated by mass media channels is certainly not helping either. Falsified reports and rumours of alleged adverse side-effects deter a large number of people from stepping forward and signing up for vaccination drives, even if it means putting themselves and their families at risk of infection. 

This lack of awareness can be combated only through effective awareness campaigns that are curated to educate the public through concise information about the importance of getting immunized. These campaigns can come in any form, from white papers and solutions briefs to infographics and educational videos. 

The second major challenge faced by those trying to organize vaccination rollouts is the dearth of easy to use self-service platforms that will  help them manage these drives efficiently. Given the restrictive nature of the no-touch constraints that come with the pandemic, it is hard to launch vaccination campaigns that are conducted completely offline. Having a vaccine management software that will help recipients sign up to be vaccinated is a prerequisite in today’s times. What’s more, having an online platform to sign up for vaccinations will further safeguard the interests of all involved from a safety viewpoint. The major drawback of this system is that it might not be inclusive of the technologically disabled part of the populace in most cases. This is because while most of the younger generation is used to smart devices, the first phase of the vaccination drive is aimed at the older population who may get confused by too many features while trying to onboard a vaccination drive. 

Online vaccine management solutions such as the one offered by oOrjit will help everyone get easy access to vaccines while ensuring the safety of all parties involved. oOrjit helps create self-service platforms that are easy to onboard and register with, by ensuring that they are designed in a user-friendly way, with a minimalist and clutter-free design that will be easy for participants to navigate without external help. 

Another major challenge that a vaccination drive organizer needs to overcome is the scalability issues that come with poorly designed vaccine management solutions. Scalability is an important aspect that needs to be given due diligence while preparing your vaccine rollout because you will have to start small but scale up your operations as more people get educated about the importance of immunization efforts and start signing up to get vaccinated. If your platform is unable to handle the extra load that comes up, then the entire vaccine management system that you have set up will collapse, leading to chaos and confusion, which will hamper the overall effectiveness of your drive. If you can manage to scale up your operations, you also need to ensure that the additional load does not affect the utility or performance of your vaccination drive.    

Effective vaccine management will require having the backend support to keep your recipients satisfied, which is why you must only invest with trusted providers of e-Vaccination management systems with experience handling such a large-scale process. These providers will be able to help you automate the whole process down to the dot, thus aiding you in eliminating or reducing human error to a negligible amount. This is especially important considering the huge demand for vaccination and the limited number of personnel you can engage to help you with your vaccine rollout. 
Organizing a mass vaccination drive is no child’s play. To make sure that the vaccine drive you launch is successful and inclusive of everyone in your community, place your trust in a solutions provider like oOrjit, with advanced capabilities like vaccine inventory management and automated workflows that will streamline your entire process into a more evolved and effective one. For free demo, contact us