Challenges in Vaccine Distribution and Management

05/21/2021 3:07 PM
The earth came to a standstill approximately one year ago, in 2019 as the first recognized waves of Covid-19 started infecting millions around the globe in what was an unprecedented viral onslaught in modern times. Life as we know it was no more, and for a while, everyone was scrambling to find their footing in a highly unpredictable world. People were dying left and right, sanitation supplies such as masks and disinfectants were suddenly prioritized over gold and cryptocurrency, sanitizers found a place in the black market next to stolen goods and banned books, businesses were crumbling in the face of uncertain economic conditions in a highly volatile marketplace. And yes, we persevered, once again demonstrating the unbelievable resilience that humankind is capable of.

And now, there is new hope. 

Tried and tested vaccines have hit the market and are now commercialized to reach the masses. It looks like humans can roam the streets freely once more, without fearing attacks from an invisible assailant. All we have to do is tolerate a couple of needle pricks to strengthen our immune systems and ensure that we pose no threats to the others in our communities. But the battle is far from over. Even as organizations gear up to launch vaccine drives for their communities, there are some major challenges that they need to tackle in order for their drives to be successful. Let us take a look at three of the major challenges faced by organizations who have already launched or are in the process of launching e-vaccination management systems to help communities around the world. 

Lack of Awareness:

Ignorance may be bliss, but in this case, ignorance can kill you. A lack of awareness is one of the major constraints to a lot of people getting vaccinated. There are still many who believe that it is unsafe to get vaccinated, in part thanks to some of the misinformation that is being circulated about the adverse effects of getting immunized. There are also people who are as of yet unaware of the vaccination efforts that are being implemented across the world, which holds them back from getting vaccinated in a timely fashion.

The only effective way to combat this lack of awareness of the populace is by organizing awareness campaigns that target the right audience. This can be in the form of print media or videos that explain the need for getting vaccinated as well as the procedures to be a part of a vaccine drive in simple and easy to follow steps. Awareness campaigns are an important first step to making sure your entire community is vaccinated within the stipulated time. 

Shortage of Self-Service Vaccine Management Systems:  

While there are already many vaccine management software in the market, not all of them are oriented towards a self-service model. This could become a pain point for those initiating vaccine drives as the recipients will be in tens of thousands and the back-end personnel will be hard pressed to cater to everyone individually. It is important to create a self-sufficient vaccine management system that is easy for users to onboard, with simple step by step guides that tell users exactly how to register. Simplicity is key especially when catering to the aged population in your community, as well as to those who are not very technologically advanced. With vaccination management solutions providers like oOrjit, this is not an issue as the capabilities that comes with a flexible platform such as oOrjit will ensure that your vaccine drives are organized to ensure seamless onboarding for every user. 

Scalability Factors:

Scalability is yet another important factor that one needs to consider before launching a vaccine rollout. This is because you will understand the actual demand only after you start your campaign and gather more information about potential recipients and the challenges they face while getting vaccinated. As the demand increases, your ability to keep up must also increase and your online platform must be scalable to accommodate the higher traffic without any decrease in performance or output. For effective vaccine management, you must also have vaccine inventory management plans and systems in place to ensure that no resource is wasted during the process. 

A flexible solutions provider such as oOrjit will be able to help you scale your operations to align with the demands you face, thus ensuring that you can have a wider outreach once you scale up your services to reach a bigger audience. For free demo, reach us.