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E-Store for one

Indias Premier Pearl Retailer


46% growth in sales in Year one through online

Omnichannel Ecommerce platform

Dynamic Pricing Module

Quicksilver and Unicommerce Integration

Solutions Offered

Solutions Offered

Oorjit Commerce Cloud is the solution we use to deliver the ecommerce need of Jpearls. There are an array of functionalities in Oorjit Commerce Could that will help to run an ecommerce platform successfully, like catalogue promotion, cart promotion, product mass update, order processing, analytics, abandoned cart promotion, email marketing, etc. We also delivered dynamic pricing module that help Jperlse to manage the pricing of gold and silver.

Solutions Offered

To enable selling to multiple ecommerce marketplaces in India, Oorjit integration with the Unicommerce Uniware. To enable platform visibility to new customers and encourage existing customers to gift Jpearls gift card to their friends and relatives we integrated with Qwikcilver, a popular gift card solution in India.

Solutions Offered

Oorjit is integrated already almost all payment gateways and shipping providers. This help Jpearls to move to Oorjit quickly as most of the integration they required is already part of the platform.