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Optimizing Ecommerce Operations for

Australia’s Largest Sports Merchandiser

Infinite Retail, a subsidiary of super retail groups the largest sports gear merchandiser in Australia manages retailing of sports goods of prominent Australian Sports bodies, National teams and premier leagues.

Infinite Retails has exclusive rights to sell merchandise of sporting brands in Australia such as AFL, NRL, Cricket Australia, Football Australia etc. Ecommerce websites have been a prominent sales channel for Infinite retail to reach out to sports fans across the continent.

They operated multiple e-stores for each brand and faced a mammoth task in streamlining the processes of Order management and fulfillment of orders from 20 plus websites to customers across Australia and New Zealand. Individuals teams were given responsibility of handling each brand and hence the overheads on logistics, ecommerce operations, ecommerce marketing etc when put together were spiraling upwards year on year. The task of compiling all these and providing a holistic view of the entire operations to the top management for informed decisions was also a tedious task for individual department heads.

Solutions Offered

Solutions Offered

As a platform built on a malleable framework, we recommended IR to migrate their entire ecommerce assets to a Multi tenant ecosystem powered by Oorjit. The multi tenancy capability of Oorjit would allow IR to create new website on the go without a single line of coding.

Solutions Offered

The brilliance of this recommendation was that it helped solve all the existing problems at one go:

  • IR could afford to manage a marketplace- fangear.com; that would list and sell products of all brands in one ecommerce store, while each brand would have their dedicated store fronts as well.
  • IR would be able to build new web sites and subsites on the go from the admin panel as and when they require.
  • Subsite capability would enable IR to manage country specific website that would list products and cater orders for a specific country only.
  • Differential pricing could then be enabled so that each product’s prices can be managed at the brand’s store front level across multiple countries.
  • Inventory Distribution could also be segregated as well as synced such that inventory is available on the marketplace as well as on individual store fronts as well. The sales of the inventory on any brand store would be reflected on the inventory on the marketplace and vie-versa.
  • Marketing activities for each brand could be managed at the brand e-store level while the admin of the marketplace can push global promotions that would be applied to products across all websites or specific group of customers across the websites or even on specific group of websites or country specific subsites as well.
  • UI/UX components for each store such as banners, widgets, menu, site navigation structure etc. could be managed individually for each store by the brand store admin.
  • Additionally, to manage seamless distribution of inventory, management of products, orders, customers and logistics across all the websites Oorjit was integrated to Oracle Netsuite using a Middleware Dell Boomi.