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Building UAE’s

First Integrated Digital Car Showroom

AGMC BMW the leading distributor of BMW vehicles in UAE. As an exclusive dealer in markets that it operates, AGMC is the face of BMW in the region. As part of its strategic decision to provide convenience and better services to its customers, AGMC had been contemplating with the idea of developing a Digital Car Showroom – an idea that is being steadily adopted in the Western World. Though the idea is refreshing and provides customers with an experience of shopping for BMW vehicles on their mobile devices, realizing this idea had lots of roadblocks. Most of the concerns were resolved on the ability of a customizable platform that could integrate multiple business functions into a common application and provide a streamlined shopping experience to consumers.


46% growth in sales in Year one through online

Omnichannel Ecommerce platform

Dynamic Pricing Module

Quicksilver and Unicommerce Integration

Solutions Offered

Solutions Offered

With its customizable framework, Oorjit helped AGMC develop a responsive web interface that allows customers not only to book vehicles but also provides them options to choose, customize & view vehicles based on the available inventory at physical showrooms in UAE. Primary to achieving this objective was a clear understanding of the user journey while shopping for BMW vehicles and the ability of Oorjit platform to integrate with multiple systems of BMW like Cozy, SGate etc. as well as to integrated with AGMC’s ERP – Autoline; to update the inventory and product information automatically to the digital showroom.

Solutions Offered

Recreating the experience and journey a consumer goes in their car shopping experience was a task that had to be carefully mapped before we set out developing a digital showroom. To enable this Oorjit worked in close association with BMW to understand the purchase process, the decision factors & the customer journey while scouting for a BMW vehicle.

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Then we set on building a seamless UI experience that allows consumers to not only browse, view, explore cars of their choice but also allows to take informed decisions by providing information such as financing calculation, lease calculation, different vehicle specifications, showrooms, special promotions etc.

Once the User experience was mapped, Oorjit’s features & workflows had to be tweaked to meet the demands of the portal.

Solutions Offered

The portal was built such that it allowed users to search & browse vehicles and filter vehicle based on their Series, Body Type, Color and Upholstery. Once the user selects a series they can view all the variant based on its body type. Once they confirm the body type under a series they can see multiple vehicles based on the engine power. Once they choose the variant they will land in the vehicle customization page.

Solutions Offered

Additionally, based on the selection of the vehicle, the portal will provide all the info that a loan or lease consultant can give at their fingertips online. User will be able to see the EMI and lease monthly payment for the select vehicle and they can choose the down payment and term to see the value of EMI and lease based on the inputs.