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Less Complexity, Flat Learning Curve

We love to keep things simple and straight. With Oorjit B2B ecommerce platform you can effectively manage your B2B Ecommerce & marketplace from a single dashboard. A easy to use UI and superior navigation helps any user understand & work on the platform with ease.

Better Control & User privileges

You will have full access, control and overview of the orders placed as well as tracking the progress and delivery of different buyers purchasing on your B2B Ecommerce platform. The platform is prebuilt with provisions to assign privileges & create different roles, categories and restrictions for users (sellers and buyers) based on your business model and requirements.

Negotiation Tools

With lower margins and higher volumes, price negotiation affects the manner of trade and transactions for any B2B business. Buyer Price request For Single Vendor B2B and seller offers for B2B Marketplaces are in-built features on the Oorjit B2B marketplace that initiates negotiations.

Product comparison

A product or its variant maybe sold on a B2B platform. Oorjit B2B Ecommerce platform empowers your buyers to differentiate and choose the best buy option for them by enabling to compare products. Products can be compared from a host features like pricing, seller ratings, product specification etc.

Growth hacking Tools

Reaching out to buyers and connecting them with the right sellers and vendors is critical to the successes of any Ecommerce model. You will have access to a wide range of marketing and campaign tools, including social media and third party integration tools at your disposal to connect with the right audience. Also promotional tools and integration capabilities of Oorjit with the existing marketing tools will help you target the right customers on your platform.

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