A Glance at Expanding Automotive E-commerce and Technological Evolution in the Automotive Market

08/06/2020 2:19 PM
It is high time that the automobile industry embraced technology, especially if it plans on expanding its reach without being left behind in the ever-widening automotive business landscape. Hence, it would come as no big surprise that according to experts, automotive e-commerce is the future because of the benefits it offers to all the parties involved. Therefore, let us take a look into how automotive e-commerce works, its pros and cons, and more. A clear understanding of the automotive e-commerce market, its working capacities, and the challenges ahead will provide useful insights on how technology has influenced the automotive industry, especially with regard to auto dealerships.

Earlier, automotive e-commerce primarily meant the automotive aftermarket that dealt mainly with the sale of automobile spare parts, related services, etc. But today, automotive e-commerce is no longer limited to the aftermarket but incorporates within itself almost every aspect of the traditional automotive dealership sales spectrum. There is an increasing category of customers, especially millennials, who are interested in shopping for and purchasing their vehicles online from within the comfort of their homes. They prefer to keep their options wide open while buying, to have larger choices or options to choose from, to compare prices online, to read up reviews and utilize all this information to aid their purchases. This means having a website with the right features becomes all the more essential if automobile dealers are intent on capturing the above mentioned category of clients. Remember that just any auto dealer software would not work in the present times as consumer behavior patterns suggest consumer expectations regarding the kind of features they look forward to in a website has grown proportionally with technological advancements. Hence, there arises the need for the best automotive dealership software that can cater to all the varied needs of contemporary times. 

An ideal automotive dealership software will focus on projecting a website or portal which contains comprehensive information regarding a dealers’ entire product and service portfolio. Modern technology also requires within it a human touch that can create a sense of personalized service for customers which explains why the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is in vogue. Additionally, an omni-channel approach or the bricks & clicks business model is gaining attention these days whereby a physical store works alongside an online store to maintain an advantageous position on both sides. In an omni-channel approach, it is essential that on the online front, the auto dealer software utilized is equipped to provide specific content on the websites which enables potential clients or buyers to continue their shopping by directly connecting them to the respective staff at the physical store. A good example of this would be to provide a website option for the customer to book an online appointment for test drives at the nearest dealership store. In this manner, an auto dealer website builder must be well versed in the latest information systems and marketing strategies that can promote future sales and demand. This knowledge will enable them to provide an efficient customer and sales tracking system based website.  

The merits of automotive e-commerce are numerous. Yet there is that one main component that makes it an advantageous venture for dealers. An ideal auto dealer website builder is aware of the fact that the auto dealer software it provides will significantly reduce the costs of financing, advertising, marketing, management, insurance, supplies, and more, which will translate to maximum profits for the dealer. Features such as an elegant and classy website that is backed by strong SEO tools, enhanced customer support, brilliant photo and video displays, contact forms, vibrant social media presence, and much more are expected of the best automotive dealership software. Considering all these aspects, automotive dealers are slowly yet steadily acknowledging the benefits of e-commerce with regard to automotive sales. To choose the best ecommerce platform for the same might seem like a daunting process, but there is oOrjit to make things easier than ever before for you. Whatever be the product, oOrjit has the expertise and reputation for making all those e-commerce business ventures grow and embrace a path of success.