7 Tips and Strategies to Make Your B2B E-commerce Platform Customer-Centric

10/01/2020 3:56 PM
“The customer is always right.”
Customers are the backbone of every business, the life support that keeps businesses alive and flourishing. After all, what good are products and services without a loyal customer base to avail them in a timely fashion? This is why customer satisfaction should be at the top of the organizational goals of a commercial business. Achieving customer satisfaction is a little more tricky for an e-commerce business than it is for a conventional commercial business, because the competition is fierce and establishing virtual trust in your brand is easier said than done. Here are a few pointers that will help you make your B2B e-commerce platform more customer centric.

Ensure Mobile-Friendliness:
In a day and age where wireless devices are the norm, it is not surprising that a majority of the e-commerce business transactions take place through mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. So, make sure that the B2B e-commerce platform you provide to customers is mobile friendly, with a great UX design.

Be Transparent in Your Dealings:
Always apply the principle of what you see is what you get with your products and try to stick by it. Do not try to hide differential pricing, rather explain why it is priced so. Do not put up deceptive images or descriptions that will potentially misguide customers, as this will deter customers from coming back to avail more of your offerings. Not to mention bad reviews are always detrimental to your business.

Enlist the Help of AI:
Investing in a good B2B e-commerce software with AI features such as oOrjit is also a good idea. This will help you analyze customer purchasing trends from past data and make predictions of future trends to keep up with customer demands. Adding interactive features like chatbots to your B2B e-commerce platform will also boost customer engagement and overall customer satisfaction.

Be Informative:
Make sure to include content that is informative and of good quality to grab the attention of potential customers. Consumers enjoy learning about the products they’re looking to buy and prefer having detailed information about the same at their fingertips.
Keep Your Return Policy Simple:
A lengthy return policy can often act as deterrent to consumers to return goods they are not satisfied with. This only works as a short term strategy for your business, because it means the dissatisfied customers will not be paying your business another visit.
Recommend Appropriately:
This is once again a job for Artificial Intelligence. A good B2B e-commerce solutions provider will be able to help you use AI effectively to recommend the right products to customers based on their previous buying pattern.
Give Importance to Feedback:
And finally, give importance to customer reviews and ratings. All feedback is good feedback, because they either appreciate your hard work or give you a chance to improvise and improve.