5 Ways to Make the Best Out of Your Shipping Provider

12/03/2019 11:25 AM

It is you who makes sure that your customer is happy. You make sure that your site is up-to-date. You make the necessary tweaks on your site; unless and until the product your customer orders leaves your hands. Oh boy, once that’s done, you have left your product on a stranger’s hand to be shipped to the customer.

The judgment part. Choose the wrong shipping provider and you end up with unsatisfied customers. Managing logistics is a major concern for many businesses. Once a store starts flourishing and getting more customers, the order fulfillment process also has to be simplified.

So, how can you overcome this? We will help you choose the right shipping provider and make the best out of them with the following tips:

Optimize Package Size

Optimizing your package size can help in economizing the shipping charges. Shipping is usually charged based on the weight of each package. It is better to divide products into different, smaller packages or offer free delivery by combining 2 or 3 different products together. And who knows? Maybe this could be another way to upsell and cross-sell products!

Cash on Delivery Option

According to a recent report, majority mode of payment made by consumers for online sites like Flipkart, was COD, 72% from major cities and 90% from smaller towns. Even with the rise in mobile wallets and other online payment methods, people still prefer the Cash-on-Delivery(COD) method. By providing customers with this facility, it is more likely that they return to your site to make further purchases.

Refund & Reshipment Policy

It’s not always possible to satisfy your customer even with the best price and product. There are times when your customer returns your product and you get frustrated! But, let me tell you this. Put in a free return policy and this for sure will boost your customer’s confidence in coming for a re-order of the product. Also, always make sure that the return and refund policy are easy to understand.

Multiple Shipping Options

The people of the current generation, the millennials, look for faster delivery options and don’t mind paying for premium value-added services. There are customers who prefer low or free shipping costs whereas some customers may expect their products to be delivered in a day and are willing to pay additional charges. For example, there may be shipping providers who are good at fast delivery in a particular region but may not be equally good in other regions. In order to satisfy the wide range of customers around the world, it is necessary for your business to provide multiple shipping options from which they can choose. And with Oorjit Single Vendor e-commerce platform, you can be sure that these facilities are implemented on your e-commerce site.

Ensure Overall Fulfilment

One advantage of brick and mortar shopping over online shopping is the fact that customers get their product in hand right after they buy it. The same is expected of an online store, if not the product right away, then at least a flawless and informed delivery. This is a bit of a difficult task once the product leaves you for delivery and you no longer have control over the product. So make sure you provide detailed delivery tracking services similar to providers like Aramex, FedEx etc. which will help the customers and keep them engaged. You can notify them about the delivery through emails or SMS.

Use these tips for your future sales and keep checking on them to improve your performance and increase your ROI. Want to know more about ecommerce platform? Leave a comment below or contact us here.