13 Top Trends You Need to Adopt for Your e-Commerce Business in 2021

07/27/2021 9:34 AM
e-Commerce is no longer a novel word. 

Across the globe, tens of thousands of businesses have realised the urgency of shifting to an online marketplace and have made the digital leap almost seamlessly. 

And as e-commerce evolved in leaps and bounds, so did the strategies adopted by e-commerce businesses to stay relevant and thrive in a highly competitive marketplace. If you are in the business of selling digital user experiences, you need to know what is trending in e-commerce to stay two steps ahead of your competitors

In this blog, we will cover the most popular e-commerce trends of 2021 that you need to adopt for your online business, if you haven’t done so already. So, let’s take a look at what are the current trends in e-commerce right now. 

Go Mobile or Go Home!

Mobile commerce is gaining traction day by day. We live in an era with highly evolved technology, and most of our daily routine tasks are dependent on our smart devices. 

With more and more people showing a preference to show on the go from their smart devices, a mobile application for your e-commerce store is a must-have for you to keep achieving business growth. 

Mobile commerce or m-commerce is all about convenience, which is what consumers look for from service providers. With mobile commerce, you can give your users the option to shop from the comfort of their homes and access all your offerings with the click of a button. 

Voice Searches Are Gaining Popularity

Voice searches are the future of e-commerce.

According to Loop Ventures’ prediction, 75% of U.S. households will own a smart speaker by the year 2025. And, yes, voice searches will definitely become an integral part of e-commerce in the coming years, which is why we’re listing it here as one of the global e-commerce trends of 2021. 

Think about it. You’re already accustomed to using voice searches to find your favourite song on YouTube or the nearest restaurant on Google. Now, think about how much more convenient online shopping can be if you could just use a voice search to find the products or services you’re looking for.  

Giving User Experiences More Priority

User experiences define the evolution of e-commerce. Businesses are always on the lookout for ways to improve their user experiences to transcend the ordinary. 

There are numerous ways you can improve the user experiences you offer. 

Personalized user engagement is one way of ensuring that each of your users have a unique experience while engaging with your brand. Streamlined workflows that enable quick shopping and checkout are another. 

You can also consider augmenting your customer service priorities and create lasting relationships with your customers.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. All you need to do to keep innovating your approach towards user experiences is to think from the shoes of your potential users.

Ensuring that Customer Journeys Are All About Convenience

Once a user has made a translation with your business, they are customers. And the experience you need to offer customers should be better than user experiences in order to ensure good retention rates for your business. 

While creating user experiences, you need to focus more on getting conversions and improving your sales funnel. Users need to enjoy spending time on your website and feel compelled to give you their custom. 

Once they do, it is all about ensuring that you maintain the highest quality of standards when it comes to your post-sales cycle. This includes easy to understand user journeys, incentives to garner customer loyalty, quick and hassle-free check out processes, and top-notch customer care, to name a few. 

Making Sure Users Engage with Your Brand

To grow as a business in a highly cut-throat environment, you need to build a relationship with your customers and users. You can do this by engaging with your end users through various means to stay connected to their needs. 

This also builds your brand value as customers become more aware about your business and the great products and services you have to offer to improve their lives. 

When a user comes across your brand multiple times, it improves brand recall. The next time they need a product or service that you offer, they’ll think of you first if you’ve done your branding right. 

Streamlining the Checkout Process for Better Conversion Rates

The worst thing that can happen to a user while shopping online is getting stuck during the checkout process. This could be the result of any number of factors. 

Maybe your back-end is overloaded. Maybe one of your payment gateways is experiencing a problem. Maybe they just don’t have enough internet speed to get the job done. 

Whatever the problem, you need to come up with creative solutions to ensure a smooth and easy checkout process for your users. This is because, when it comes to customer retention rates, the checkout process is one of the most deciding processes in your user flow.

Invest more in developing your back-end to meet your user expectations. Ensure that all your payment gateways are fully functional. Keep your e-commerce website simple so that it doesn’t need excessive amounts of internet data to load each page. 

Investing in a Good Content Strategist

Content is king. 

And in an era where consumers consume information more quickly than they consume products, you need a content marketing expert to make sure that you can keep your users satisfied. This is another global e-commerce trend of 2021.

We’re talking detailed product information dispersed through various channels, great blogs that are Search Engine Optimized to increase your brands’ online presence, and SEO-driven product searches for your e-commerce website. 

You also need to ensure that your content marketing is on point. Consumers enjoy engaging with brands that have unique and interesting content to offer. Do not focus solely on pushing your sales. While improving your content marketing strategies, you also need to make it more about engaging with your audience and helping them build a rapport with your brand. 

Making Your Website Minimalistic

Users do not want a website that reminds them of an M. Night Shyamalan movie. That means no unexpected twists or complicated user flows. 

Keep your website as simple and easy to navigate as possible. A minimalistic design ensures that your e-commerce store is clutter-free and draws your consumers’ eye to what really matters: your products and services. 

Clutter-free navigation also helps you improve the user experience, which in turn helps you increase the chances of your users frequenting your website. After all, users are all about convenience, remember? 

Integrating AI into Your Online Store

Artificial Intelligence is no longer a word that we are unfamiliar with. Scientists have worked tirelessly over the years to show us just how amazing technology is at making our lives easier. So, why not utilize these technological marvels for your business?

When you integrate AI into your store, you can make your interactions with all your tens of thousands of users personalized in one go. 

Your website’s AI will be able to track user purchases, analyse the data, and then give intelligent product recommendations to your customers. 

You will be able to see how your users interact with your e-commerce store and improve your user experiences. You can also utilize the data thus collected to improve your business processes. Inventory would certainly be easier to anticipate if you know how well a product or service is faring with your users, right? 

Machine learning is another capability you need to consider adding to your suite of business-growing tools. 

Making Social Media Your New Best Friend

Social media is a cost-effective way of reaching millions of your audience at once. Whether it’s to increase your brand’s online presence or to market your products to your target user groups, social media should be your business’s new best friend. 

Social media marketing is much more efficient and way more cheaper than conventional forms of marketing. You save time, resources, and a pretty penny too. 

Meanwhile, your brand is projected on mobile screens all over the globe and you get to engage with audiences across the world. Need we say more? 

Indulging in Influencer and Video Marketing for Your Business

Marketing is an evolving art. A marketing technique that was all the rage back in the 90’s won’t get you much traction now. 

As consumer tastes change, and e-commerce trends change, you need to keep up with the most relevant marketing strategies of your time to stay ahead of the game. 

Right now, video marketing and influencer marketing are picking up where newspaper ads and television ads left off. 

People want information, but the majority prefer video content over written content. And influencers have millions of followers who trust their opinions and product reviews, so utilize the power of influencers well. 

Hiring a Growth Hacker

You must have heard the words ‘growth hacking’ at some point of your life or the other. SO, what exactly is growth hacking? 

In a nutshell, growth hacking is the process of coming up with innovative ideas and creative solutions to promote the growth of a company or business. Growth hacking strategies replace the conventional strategies applied by the business and guarantee brand growth.  

Growth hacking is not an exact science, however. What works for one e-commerce company may not work for another. This is because your products, target audiences, organizational goals, and sales targets will vary. 

Hire a growth hacker and help them understand your business thoroughly. This will enable them to come up with creative ways to boost your business growth.

Implementing Consistent Feedback Loops

The customer is always right! But, they are not the only stakeholders whose opinions you need to consider. 

It is advisable to implement continuous feedback loops for your business that involve all your stakeholders so that you are always in touch with the expectations of your end users. 

What are your customers seeking in terms of user experiences? How can you improve your products and services? Are you customers fully satisfied with your business? 

In conclusion:

e-Commerce is no longer just a numbers game. You need to sell your products as well as unique and delightful user experiences. 

To step up your e-commerce game, adopt as many of the e-commerce trends of 2021 that are relevant for your business. 

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